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Acrylic painting a brief introduction Quick overview I used to work a lot with acrylic paints a few years back. Here I would like to present some of the lessons I learned during the process:
  • A palette is great for mixing paints. But an old porcelain or ceramic plate works just as well.
  • There is a wide choice of painting surfaces available: from canvas and wood, stone and glass to paper.
  • As well as brushes, you can also use knives and spatulas to apply the paint.
  • To clean the brushes, just rinse them thoroughly in water. But take care: Dont let the paint dry on them.
  • When applying paint, it appears lighter than it will later when dry.
  • Acrylic paints dry much faster than oil paints. But be careful: They are only touch-dry and smudge-proof, but not dry all the way through. Make sure you avoid surface-to-surface contact when storing acrylic paintings.
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